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"Addition Through Subtraction"

"He must INCREASE, I must DECREASE" ~John 3:30

The word "must" means an obligation to do something.

"He must increase" means that we are obligated to allow Christ to dictate what our lives will become.

"I must decrease" means that we are obligated to die to selfish ambitions, goals, or anything else that isn't Holy Spirit led and God ordained.

We must ask ourselves, what conclusions do others come to when they observe us and how we carry ourselves as believers?

Have we increased in....

  • Patience?

  • Gentleness?

  • Kindness?

  • Compassion?

  • Love?

  • Self-Control?

  • Grace?

  • Forgiveness?

Have we decreased in....

  • Being short with others?

  • Being rude?

  • Speaking evil of others?

  • Being Selfish?

  • Being Mean?

  • Being Controlling?

  • Being Manipulative?

  • Being Unforgiving?

Let us consider our ways, so that the presence of God may be increased in our lives!!!

Be Encouraged.

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