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Am I a Complainer?

"Do all things without complaining"

Philippians 2:14

If we're completely honest, we are all guilty of complaining whether it was outwardly to someone else or inwardly to ourselves.

What are some of the THINGS we complained about?

  • When someone asked us for a ride somewhere and then they called later for another ride, and not only did they not say "thank you" when they were dropped off both times, but they didn't even offer any gas money.

  • When someone wants to borrow money again right after they just paid us back.

  • When a major job assignment is expected to be completed within a 24-hour time frame, but "vital information" is missing.

  • When certain people only call just to dump their issues and problems on us.

We may have other examples, however when we do everything in the name of Jesus {Colossians 3:17}, and to the glory of God {1st Corinthians 10:31}, then there won't be any room for the enemy to trick us into complaining.

Jesus who is our example never complained, and as His children, let us not do so either.

Be Encouraged.


Featured Song

"Thank You (I Won't Complain)" by Fred Hammond

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