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"Behold, Fix Your Eyes on Jesus"



“Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” John 1:29b

When Jesus first walked onto the scene, John the Baptist introduced Him by saying, “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” [John 1:29b].

John wanted people to stop what they were doing to gaze at Jesus. In fact, the surrounding context in John 1:29-34 features a variation of the word “see” four times in just six verses. “Look,” John was saying. “See what’s in front of you.”


Behold. It’s a word we don’t use very often, but one that’s rich with meaning. Behold means to see or observe, gaze at, contemplate. We’re always beholding, even if we’re not aware of it.

We behold the new car and glittering things in storefronts, believing somehow, “This will make me happy.”

We behold the Christmas family photo we posted, hoping to get lots of likes, whispering, “This will validate me.”

What you behold is what will take hold of you. We know this instinctively, but sometimes we can forget, especially during the busy Christmas season. Look at the wrong things, and they will determine your life’s direction. But train your gaze on the right things, and they’ll transform your heart’s affections. Because when you stop to behold Jesus, His beauty and majesty will captivate you at Christmas and beyond.

Jesus’ arrival and mission consumed John — it was all he ever talked about. John declared, “I have seen and have borne witness that this is the Son of God” [John 1:34, ESV]. Because what you behold is what will take hold of you.

What things captivate us during the Christmas season?

We’re bombarded by Christmas catalogs. Black Friday “deals.” Pinterest-ready cookie platters. These and so much more fill our newsfeeds, our to-do lists, our conversations. If we’re not careful, we can get so wrapped up in the external preparations for Christmas that we forget to unwrap the reality of Christmas. It’s Jesus.


The Lamb of God. The One who came to take away the sins of the world.

This Christmas pause to reflect: What’s taken a hold of you? Behold Him. Gaze upon His beauty. Rest in His presence. And share with others the things you discover about Him.

This Christmas season may we become people who behold Jesus. A people taken hold of by Jesus. BEHOLD!

Much love and care,

Pastor Pat

Greece Assembly of God

In Partnership with

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