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"Bless The Lord"

"BLESS the Lord, O my SOUL, and ALL that is within me, BLESS His NAME!" ~Psalm 103:1

When we read this verse of scripture, we can see that King David not only told his soul to bless the Lord, but he pushed himself to go even deeper. He caused his entire inward being to bless the name of the Lord.

How many times throughout each day, do we remember to bless the name of the Lord?

If we're honest, we are all guilty of forgetting to bless the Lord, but thanks be to God that He didn't condemn us. He is such a loving and merciful Father!

As we become habitual in blessing the name of the Lord as King David did, it won't take long before we are so stirred up so that there's an outpouring of praise coming from our lips to the throne of God, for He is worthy of our praise!!!

Be Encouraged.

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