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"Cycles Of Life"

"For what I want to do, I do not do, but what I hate I do"

Romans 7:15

This passage of scripture is a perfect illustration of what it looks like to have an ongoing struggle with sin.

As Christians we have been saved from the power of sin, however, we still have to contend with its powerful influence.

Sometimes we feel exactly how Apostle Paul did, even doing some of the very things that we hate. This doesn't necessarily mean that we are still slaves to sin, but it does show that we are divided by our own competing desires, and this can be very frustrating especially when we thought that we have moved past that specific period of our lives.

The sin itself may not be on mankind's top 10 LIST of "great sins", yet they are still sin nonetheless, and this is why we have to seek the Lord daily for His strength and power in order to walk consistently before Him.

Even though we are free, we still have thorns in our flesh to keep us in a place of humility before the Lord.

Satan loves to deceive people into believing that God's grace is an excuse to stay in sin, but this is contrary to Romans 6:1. We still have a responsibility not to place ourselves in situations with people, places, and things that will cause us to fall.

The cycles of life are just that, but what is of greater importance is the cycle of repentance that we use to combat and defeat Satan when he tries to use issues of the past to make us feel ashamed or condemned.

Be Encouraged.


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"Cycles" by Jonathan McReynolds

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