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Eyes of Compassion

"that they may come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him to do his will"

2nd Timothy 2:26

This verse gives us a clear description that unless Jesus brings deliverance, mankind cannot come to their senses, neither can they escape the captivity of the devil, as well as refrain from doing Satan's will.

God has a will and plan for our lives, but Satan does as well, and this is why we must be ever so thankful that Jesus has rescued us.

This verse should keep us in such a place of humility because we know that it is only because of the grace of God that we are no longer in captivity to Satan.

Do we look at others in captivity with eyes of humility or haughtiness?

We are not in any position to look down on anyone, because if God left us to ourselves we would be doomed both now and forever!

As we reflect on this truth, we must be mindful of those who are still in captivity and be compelled to pray for the lost to be saved and delivered.

Be Encouraged.


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