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"I, even, I am He who BLOTS out your TRANSGRESSIONS for My OWN sake, and will NOT remember your SINS"

Isaiah 43:25

Clemency means the disposition to be merciful from the severity of punishment that is warranted.

When we think about how wretched and despicable we were in our sins, God had every right to say to us "I, even, I am He that will destroy you and no longer burden Myself with you". God's love for us didn't do that, but instead it covered our sins and forgave us through divine clemency.

Knowing that God has swiftly forgiven and forgotten our sins, are we swift to forgive and forget those that have sinned against us?

There are a lot of people who truly love the Lord, but they're struggling to love others, because they're weighed down with unforgiveness.

Despite all of the horrendous things that the people did to Christ, He didn't charge their sins to them, but instead forgave them.

It doesn't matter who it is, or what was done, God wants us to walk in forgiveness and reconciliation.

Be Encouraged.

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