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"Jesus, My Only Option"

"Peter said to whom shall we go for You have the words of eternal life"

John 6:68

I heard of a story about a professional athlete who lost his arm in a car accident.

Due to this significant injury, he could no longer perform at the level that was required, so he retired and took up handball at the local gym where he resided.

After some time he became the best handball player at the gym, which eventually lead to him becoming the best in his city, county, and state. He went on to become one of the best in the world. When asked how he was able to beat guys who had 2 arms and hands so easily? His reply was "they have to decide in their mind which hand they're going to use when the ball comes toward them, but I only have to focus on this hand because it is my only option".

In the above verse, Apostle Peter knew that Jesus and His words were the "only option" for them. When anyone chooses Jesus as their "only option", not only will they have eternal life, but they will also be victorious in this life as well!

Those of us in Christ, know that Jesus is truly our only option!!!

Be Encouraged.


Featured Song

"Make Room" by Jonathan McReynolds

What a sobering worship song for today. We should pause and ask ourselves this question: Are we trying to fit Jesus into our schedule? Or is Jesus the center of our schedule, with everything revolving around Him?

As we make room for Jesus today, let us remember that our hope is in Him alone. Jesus should be the center of our lives and He deserves our love and attention!!

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