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"Let's Be Honest" - Part 1

"For He knows our frame, He remembers that we are dust." ~Psalm 103:14

We would like to think or even believe that we know ourselves pretty well, but truthfully there are so many things within us that only God knows. If God were to reveal those things that we had no idea were there, we would be speechless.

God knows all of our strengths, temperaments, prevailing infirmities, and every other sin that so easily besets us.

God knows how broken and fragile we are, and this is why He is so merciful, patient, & gracious towards us, because He remembers that we are dust.

Are there any areas of our heart that we are still trying to hide from God?

The love that God has for us is so vast and deep. He wants us to be honest with Him {Psalm 51}, because He already knows our frame in its truest form, and yet He loves us unconditionally.

Be Encouraged.

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