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"Let's Go Fishing!"


"And He said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19 LET'S GO FISHING!

This was Jesus’ instruction to Peter, but He obviously meant it for John and James as well, who were present and also obeyed. These men were commercial fishermen, and the statement follows a miracle done by Jesus in which they threw their nets out at Jesus’ request after fishing unsuccessfully all night. Though it was the middle of the day and in deep waters, the catch was miraculously large, and the fishermen were amazed.

Then came the invitation to follow Jesus and join in His ministry. By the grace of God, they laid down their nets and followed. Jesus calls us all in the same way. His invitation was always to follow Him on His path (narrow way). The result for Peter, James, and John, and for any today who will accept the invitation, is to lay down our lives and “follow,” becoming fishers of men.

Much of Christianity in today’s western culture has been reduced to, “Say this prayer to ask Jesus into your heart, and you will go to heaven.” But that was never how Jesus invited people. He said “follow Me.” He is to be both Savior and Lord. To receive His salvation is to give Him Lordship of your whole life and to go where He leads. There is no other kind of disciple than one who is sent. Jesus calls us, teaches us, empowers us, and then sends us to fish for people. He ascended into heaven (Acts 1:9-12) and will return again. It seems to be the only reason that He did not take us with Him is that the mission must be completed by His empowered and Spirit-filled Church. Today, Jesus’ call is the same. He invites us to go fishing for people until He returns.

Much love and care, Pastor Pat


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