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"My Food"


‘My food,’ said Jesus, ‘is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to finish His work.’ John 4:34

Distractions. We all face them on a daily basis. Whether they’re relatively harmless or destructive, God wants us to resist them and keep the main thing the main thing — fulfilling our God-given purpose.

None of us wants to live a life where we can say we have done many things but not the one thing God assigned us.

We want to cultivate a habit of focus, and the motivation that comes from a clear vision. We want the grit (resolve) to complete our task, and the courage to say no when we need to. Extraordinary accomplishments in the kingdom of God are rarely happenstance. They result from our daily choices and everyday actions. But we must decide to be single-minded and focused on the task He’s given us. I cringe to think of the great works for God that were never finished because we became distracted from our purpose.

Determine in your heart today to stay focused so you can finish well what God has called you to do. He promises to instruct you on the way you should go and to guide you as you follow Him (Psalm 32:8).

Much love and care, Pastor Pat


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