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"No Comparison"

"I, even, I Am the Lord; and beside Me there is no savior"

Isaiah 43:11

"Is there any other God besides Me? Indeed there is no other rock, I know not one"

Isaiah 44:8

In both passages of Scripture, we have God speaking on His own behalf declaring that He alone is God, and salvation comes exclusively from Him.

How amazing it is to know that God almighty is mindful of us {Psalm 8:4}, and there is absolutely nothing in this life that is greater than knowing Him.

The Bible is full of the majesty of God for those who adore Him, the mercy of God for those who fear Him, the mystery of God for those who inquire of Him, and the misery of God for those who deplore Him.

What a mighty God we serve!

Be Encouraged.


Featured Song

"Graves To Gardens" by Elevation Worship

When we were broken and in bondage, the Lord still saw how he could use us for His Kingdom. He took us from the grave to the Garden, He turned our shame into Glory and He gives Beauty for ashes! Jesus, you are the only one who can, and we declare today that there is nothing better than you!!

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