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"Saying NO and Staying NO"

In Matthew 4:8-9, Satan offers Jesus all of the kingdoms of this world with its splendor, if He would bow down and worship him, but Jesus who is our example of course refused...

"The Contrast"

God shows mankind the sacrifice of Jesus first, and then reveals the benefits {eternal things} of receiving it afterward {Eternal Life in Heaven}.

Satan shows mankind the benefits {temporal things} first, but hides the sacrifice {their soul} until the end {Eternal Damnation in Hell}.

These are very dark and deceitful times, which means we must be diligent in guarding our hearts so that we're not enamored with any of the things of this world that will entice us to walk away from Christ.

We must always follow Christ's example by refusing all that Satan has to offer, while also praying that the lost will see the deceitfulness of sin and its eternal consequences leading them to repentance.

Be Encouraged.


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"Let Go, Let God" by Jack Cassidy

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