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"SEEING Jesus"

"And Jesus said to him, go wash in the pool of Siloam {which is translated, "SENT"}, so he went and washed, and came back seeing." ~John 9:7

Now when we read this verse, we can see it is one of the many scriptures that shows the SPECIFICITY of Jesus.

Point #1:

He told the BLIND man to GO and WASH the DIRT from his EYES in order to SEE.

Point #2:

The BLIND man literally WALKED by FAITH and NOT by SIGHT to the POOL.

Point #3:

The BLIND man didn't QUESTION Jesus's METHOD to HEAL him or His MESSAGE to TEST him.

Point #4:

The BLIND man's OBEDIENCE brought forth his DELIVERANCE.

What an additional blessing it is to us when we read verse 37 of this same chapter, that this FORMER blind man was able to SEE Jesus face to face and talk to Him, and the time is coming when we will also be able to do the same. HALLELUJAH!!!




Be Encouraged.

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