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"I will STAND my WATCH and set myself on the rampart, and WATCH and SEE what He will say to me, and what I will ANSWER when I am corrected." ~Habukkuk 2:1

"I will STAND my WATCH"

My eyes are focused on things of God, and my feet are planted where God has placed me.

"Set myself on the rampart"

I intentionally took shelter on the defensive wall.

"WATCH to SEE what He will say to me"

I have withdrawn myself from all of the distractions in order to clearly hear what God will speak to me whether through Holy Spirit or the Word of God.

"And what I will ANSWER when I am corrected"

There's a self examination that takes place when God's correction brings conviction to my heart and our ANSWER to Him is not one of excuses, but one of truth through confession and repentance.

Be Encouraged.

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