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"Testing Of Our Faith" - Part 2

"Though He SLAY me, yet will I TRUST Him"

Job 13:15

Life as we know it can shift at any moment, and oftentimes it can leave us feeling as though we were "blindsided".

We receive a phone call telling us that a spouse, child, parent, close relative, or friend has suddenly passed away.

We receive a two-week notice that our place of employment is permanently closing due to financial hardships, and there is no severance package available.

We receive divorce papers from our spouse at our place of employment, and when we got home, they have already moved out.

There are plenty of other examples that can happen during a season of difficulty, and we find ourselves questioning God as to why are these things happening to us?

Regardless of the situation, God is walking through it with us, and we must trust Him.

Usually when we go through a season of difficulty, it's usually because there are some lessons that we need to learn, but it can also put us in a position to be more understanding and compassionate toward others who are hurting from the same things.

People tend to be more receptive when they know that we have gone through a similar situation to what they are currently experiencing. This grants us an opportunity to share our testimony with them as encouragement.

Let's be willing to share our testimony, and encourage one another to trust in the Lord today!

Be Encouraged.

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