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"The Comforter" - Part 1

"If an enemy insulted me I could endure it, if an enemy rose up against me I could hide, but it was you my equal, my companion, my close friend" ~Psalm 55:12-13

In our lifetime we will all have scheduled appointments with being offended or disappointed, and it hurts more when it's someone we're close to.

Our feelings were designed by God to help us, not control us, and if we're not careful, we can find ourselves allowing the enemy to take our feelings for a long ride, and dropping them off in the bad neighborhoods of rejection and retaliation.

Because all of us are flawed people, we must learn to manage our expectations of others, and in doing so we won't be so easily offended or disappointed by what someone says, or their lack of follow through.

There are certain events in life that can break our hearts, and although the pain can be great, God is greater than our pain, and He is always faithful to heal the broken hearted, and bind up their wounds {Psalm 147:3}.

Be Encouraged.

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