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"The Comforter" - Part 2

"COME unto Me, ALL you who LABOR and are HEAVY laden, and I will GIVE you REST. Take My YOKE upon you and LEARN of Me, for I am GENTLE and LOWLY in HEART, and you will find REST for your SOULS" ~Matthew 11:28-29

These are such comforting words from our Lord Jesus Christ, and yet sadly we oftentimes reject the words of Christ, and accept the words of Satan instead.

The Lord knows the areas that we are hurting, and He wants to heal them. He has provided a Way for us to trade-in......

  • Our "FAILURE", for His "FORGIVENESS"

  • Our "GUILT", for His "GRACE"


  • Our "PAIN", for His "PEACE"

God only gives His best, so let's receive what He has lovingly offered to us.

Be Encouraged.

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