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"The Goodness Of God"

"For You, Lord are GOOD, and ready to forgive {our trespasses, sending them away, letting them go completely and forever}, and You are abundant in MERCY and lovingkindness to all who call upon You" ~Psalm 86:5 {Amplified}

This verse of scripture gives us a full description of just how good the Lord has been to us.

Have we not been forgiven an infinite amount of times?

Have we not been the recipients of His abundance of mercies?

Did He not draw us unto Himself with lovingkindness?

We know from personal experience that in those times when we made messes of our lives, the Lord was still good to us. He didn't give us what we deserved.

Jesus is ready to forgive the unrighteous, just as He has forgiven us, but how will they know if we don't tell them?

We must tell others about the goodness of the Lord, which leads to repentance {Romans 2:4}. Our heart's desire should be to point people to Jesus, so they too can taste and see for themselves that the Lord is good {Psalm 34:8}.

Be Encouraged.

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