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"The Power of Prayer"

"Lord TEACH us to PRAY" ~Luke 11:1

Many of us as children were TAUGHT a prayer that Jesus gave His disciples, and although we LEARNED it through REPETITION, we grew up not really knowing how POWERFUL and MAJESTIC God is.

"Our Father" {perfect parent}

"Which art" {perfect existence}

"In Heaven" {perfect place}

"Hallowed" {perfect holiness}

"Be thy Name" {perfect name}

"Thy Kingdom come" {perfect government}

"Thy Will" {perfect plan}

"Be done" {perfect service}

"On earth as it is in Heaven" {perfect contrast}

"Give us" {perfect petition}

"This day" {perfect timing}

"Our daily bread" {perfect provision}

"Forgive us of our sins" {perfect forgiveness}

"As we forgive those who sinned against us" {perfect reciprocation}

"And lead us not into temptation" {perfect guidance}

"But deliver us from evil" {perfect deliverance}

"For thine is" {perfect owner}

"The kingdom, power, and glory" {perfect dominion}

"Forever" {perfect duration}

"Amen!" {perfect benediction}

Be Encouraged.

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