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"The Revival" - Part 1

"Will You not REVIVE us AGAIN, that Your PEOPLE may REJOICE in You?" ~Psalm 86:6

The word "REVIVE" means to restore back to life or consciousness.

There are times in our lives as a believers where if we're not careful, we can become stagnant and lethargic in our walk with Jesus. We can find ourselves behaving in ways that we once rejected.

Are there any areas in our lives where we lack the joy of the Lord, and we need His Spirit to revive us again?

ABBA, You know exactly what we need, so please revive us....

In our CHURCHES, so we have the ability to genuinely love one another.....

  • {ABBA, please FORGIVE us for GOSSIP, SLANDER, and any other MALICIOUS words we may have used towards our BROTHERS and SISTERS in Christ. Please grant us OPPORTUNITIES for RECONCILIATION, in Jesus name, Amen.}

In our HOMES, so we will teach our children Your ways through prayer and the reading of Your word.....

  • {ABBA, please FORGIVE us for being so DISTRACTED with the HUSTLE and BUSTLE of LIFE that we NEGLECTED to TRAIN up our CHILDREN in the WAY they should GO. FORGIVE us for not LOVING our SPOUSES the WAY we are SUPPOSED to, and please GRANT us GRACE to DO so, in Jesus name, Amen.}

In our WORKPLACE, so we will proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ unashamedly.....

  • {ABBA, please FORGIVE us for being COWARDS and not standing UP and OUT for TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS on our JOBS. ABBA please FORGIVE us if we allowed SELF PRESERVATION and or possible PROMOTION to HINDER us from SPEAKING out against WRONG behaviors that You PROMPTED us to ADDRESS, but we NEGLECTED to DO so. Please EMPOWER us to be BOLD for You, in Jesus name, Amen.}

In our COMMUNITIES, so that we will have compassion for the lost.....

  • {ABBA, please FORGIVE us for being APATHETIC towards those who are still LOST. Please GIVE us EYES to SEE them the WAY that You SEE them, and LOVE them the WAY that You LOVE them, in Jesus name, Amen.}

Be Encouraged.

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