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"The Revival" - Part 2

"AWAKE you who SLEEP, ARISE from the DEAD, and Christ will GIVE you LIGHT" ~Ephesians 5:14

All of us at one point in time were "SPIRITUALLY ASLEEP", and it wasn't until Jesus called out our name, just as He did with Lazarus, that we responded by coming out of our proverbial grave {John 11:43-44}.

It is so amazing to know that Jesus loved us so much that He called us out of darkness into His marvelous light {1st Peter 2:9}, while simultaneously removing our filthy clothes and replacing them with new garments just as He did with Joshua in Zechariah 3:3-4.

May we never forget that we were once part of the "WALKING DEAD", but now that Christ has made us alive in Him, we must share this truth with others.

It's TIME for the DEAD to be AWAKENED by the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Be Encouraged.

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