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"There's Strength In My Song"

"The Lord is my strength and my song; He has given me victory..."

Exodus 15:2

This entire chapter is a beautiful example of how to give glory to God through song. Moses under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit sung Exodus 15 along with the children of Israel as an expression of joy and thankfulness unto God.

Although it was a very challenging time, and trouble and difficulty was on every side, God brought forth deliverance to Moses and the children of Israel at His appointed time.

God has not changed {Malachi 3:6}, and as we face challenging times, He remains faithful to bring strength and deliverance to us as well.

God's strength will not only produce a song in us, but He will also bring us to a victorious end.

Be Encouraged.


Featured Song

"A Song Of Strength" by Fred Hammond

Do you know who to call in times of need? Do you know where your help comes from? The source we are looking for is God! He is our strength, when we need to get through. Today, let God carry you through and trust in Him to do it!!

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