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"Vengeance belongs to God"

Do not take REVENGE my dear friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it written:

"It's MINE to AVENGE, I will REPAY says the Lord." ~Romans 12:19 (emphasis added)

In Exodus 2:11-12, Moses saw an Egyptian beating up a Hebrew brother, and so in his anger he struck and killed him, and buried him in the sand, while also looking to make sure no one saw him do it.

When an injustice was done to us or someone else we care for, how many of us would grab the first opportunity that comes to vindicate them or ourselves, without praying? Then we find ourselves feeling terrible about what we did.

When we take matters into our own hands in a devious way, we will always look to the right or left to make sure nobody is watching. But when we know we are acting in OBEDIENCE to the word of God, we can be CONFIDENT in our CHOICES and BOLD in our ACTIONS before the eyes of both God and people, because we have trusted God to take care of the SITUATION.

Be Encouraged.

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