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"We are Victorious"

"We are MORE than CONQUERORS through Him who LOVED us" ~Romans 8:37

God has established and called the Body of Christ to do a special work throughout the earth.

She has been given the assignment through the power of Holy Spirit to cast down the powers of darkness that are in the world.

God has given His bride much faith, zeal, and holiness. She has been mandated to overturn every false system, as well as call all sinners {locally, nationally, and globally} to repentance.

God is with His church, and nothing can prosper against it, for greater is He that is in us, then he who is in the world {1st John 4:4}.

Everyone in the Body of Christ is valuable and needed for the work that God has called His church to do, so whatever gifting He has graced us with, and whatever area He has placed us in, we are already victorious, so let's be about our Father's business!!!

Be Encouraged.

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