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"Why Worry?"

"Take NO THOUGHT for your LIFE" ~Matthew 6:25

Romans 8:6 tells us that the MIND that is controlled by the Spirit of God is LIFE and PEACE, and so it is imperative that we ask Holy Spirit to control our thoughts. In doing so, we can have as much of the LIFE of God and His PEACE we desire.

The ENEMY is always looking for WAYS to overwhelm us with WORRY, so he can rob us of our PEACE. But we must obey Jesus, and take "NO THOUGHT" for our lives. He is in complete control, and our lives are in His hands.

The most persistent choice that we are faced with on a daily basis is whether or not we will believe the TRUTH from the MOUTH of Jesus, or the LIES from the LIPS of Satan.

Let's be INTENTIONAL in BELIEVING what Jesus has said to us!

Be Encouraged.

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