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"Worship The King"

"GIVE to the Lord the GLORY that is DUE His NAME, bring an OFFERING, and COME before Him, WORSHIP the Lord in the SPLENDOR of His HOLINESS" ~1st Chronicles 16:29

God created ALL of mankind to worship Him exclusively, but sadly when Adam and Eve sinned against God, it opened the door for the worship of people, places, and things instead of God.

WORSHIP is showing reverence or adoration for a deity which can be for the True and Living God or the many false gods that are all around us.

As we offer our worship unto the Lord, we must guard against doing it because of selfish motives. Our worship must come from a pure heart, meaning we're not doing it in order to receive blessings, but it's because He is holy.

Throughout each day that the Lord gives us, let's be intentional in taking out some time to be in a posture of worship before Him, for He is WORTHY of our WORSHIP!

ABBA, we WORSHIP You Oh MIGHTY King, for the HEAVENS declare Your GLORY, and the FIRMAMENT displays Your HANDIWORK {Psalm 19:1} in ALL the EARTH, which includes what You're DOING and have DONE in our LIVES, for there is NO other God besides You {Deuteronomy 32:29}, and because we KNOW this TRUTH, we will CONTINUE to EXALT Your NAME both NOW & FOREVER, Amen!

Be Encouraged.

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